About Us

Welcome to My Bunny Boutique!  We're very happy you hopped on by and we hope you stay a while.  In the meantime, let us tell you our story.
One cold, blustery day, we were walking our dog through the neighborhood park.  Suddenly, we spotted a beautiful white and grey bunny shivering in the bushes. Realizing this wasn't just a wild rabbit we ran back home, grabbed a dog carrier, and returned to rescue the bunny.  It's fair to say, without realizing it at the time, that this moment marked the beginning of My Bunny Boutique.  We fell in love with our snowstorm bunny and decided to add him to our family. When the time came to purchase all the necessary items in order to care for our new furry friend, we were confused, overwhelmed and in over our heads. It took hours of research and some trial and error until we felt like we knew what to do.  
This is why we decided to create My Bunny Boutique. Our biggest mission is to give new (and not so new) bunny parents a one stop bunny shop, that meticulously chooses which products are best for our little bunny darlings.  We even have a "Jasper Recommends" seal of approval from our very own snowstorm bunny, Jasper.  These are the exact products he uses on a regular basis and what we highly recommend.
As bunny parents, we want what's best for all bunnies. This is why we also created a bunny blog, where we post tips on bunny care and include links to resources that we have found helpful.  We hope you enjoy our one stop bunny shop and we hope to see you again! For any questions, concerns, or feedback, please email customer service at mybunnyboutique@gmail.com.
With Warm Rabbit Snuggles,
My Bunny Boutique and Jasper