Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi! I'm Jasper.  The nicknames my parents often use for me are "Lil' J" and "Don't Eat the Piano."  I'm a gorgeous French Butterfly Rabbit, rescued by my parents, who happen to be the founders of My Bunny Boutique.  Since they often give in when I ask them for treats and gifts, it was easy to convince them to let me have my own blog in order to help enhance your boutique experience.  I'm the perfect guy for this job, since I know firsthand about the trials and tribulations of having a bunny because... well...I am one!  I want to offer you all the expert advice I have, which may be especially helpful for anyone who is a first time bunny owner.  I promise to help make your bunny parenting a little less overwhelming and much more fun.  I hope to give you a resource you may always turn to, where I gather helpful links to proper bunny care and write up recommendations to my favorite products that have been tested out by ME.
So what are we waiting for? Let's get started. The following products have received my "Jasper's Choice" seal of approval. 
Stuffed Animal
At this point, I am single and ready to mingle.  I mean, I have a dog brother who I love, but it's not the same as having a bunny wife.  Hopefully, one day I will find love and marry, but while I'm single, my parents bought me this stuffed animal rabbit. I love this guy! Mainly because I am in complete control over what he does at all times.  I move him around and snuggle him if I feel like it.  I have a feeling your bunny will like this stuffed animal just as much as I do!
Obviously, I'd love to free roam all day long.  But to be honest, I really love the area my parents created for me.  They bought me a beautiful, two-story apartment (hutch) and added this fencing around it so that I have plenty of room to run, jump and "binky" all day long.  This fencing is nice, because it really helps  me feel safe and secure inside my area. It also seemed really simple for them to put it together and the individual panels allowed them to create the shape that fits our home best.  If you're looking for fencing for your bunny, this is it.  
Apple Sticks
LITERALLY MY FAVORITE TREATS TO CHEW, EVER.  I go crazy for apple sticks.  They taste delicious because they are apple tree branches and they help me file away my teeth, which is extremely important.  If I don't keep chewing on things like these apple sticks, my teeth will keep growing and growing until they cause problems.  And if I don't have my apple sticks, I tend to chew my wooden hutch instead. 
Nail Clippers
No, I do NOT like getting my nails clipped.  But what I have learned as I got older and wiser was that, if I absolutely HAVE to get my nails clipped, I prefer for my parents to do the clipping instead of the vet.  These nail clippers happen to be the ones we use and they have been strong and reliable thus far.  
Ahhh! One of my favorite pastimes is hopping my way through this tunnel.  Sometimes, I move the tunnel really close to where my hay is, and then I stay inside the tunnel while eating my breakfast.  It's such a fun place to hide!  It definitely helps make my life interesting. Whenever I feel slightly bored, I take a quick tunnel trip and feel re-energized.  This is a product I highly recommend as a great addition to your bunny area.  
I hope you enjoyed taking a peak at my favorite five products!  I'll be sure to write another blog post highlighting new favorite products soon. 
Thanks for visiting my bunny blog and I hope you visit again, soon!