Bunny Binkies and Other Ways I Communicate Without Words

Hello my friends! In today's blog post, I want to explain to you some of my favorite ways to communicate with my humans. I know I can't speak for ALL bunnies, but the majority of us have a similar bunny language. If you take the time to learn it, you'll get to know your furry friends on an entirely different level. You're also bound to gain even more love and respect from them in return.  Are you ready?
The Bunny Binky
If I use my bunny imagination to its fullest, the way a bunny feels when they binky is best compared to a human who just fell in love with their soulmate.  I imagine the human leaving the best date of their lives and being so excited that they are no longer capable of walking like a regular person.  No, this human physically needs to add a slight skip every few steps they take. They have a smile stuck on their face and can't help but say hello to each person passing by them.  They would dance, sing and jump in the air while shouting, "I'M IN LOVE AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT".
If this sounds extreme then I recommend you keep searching for your soulmate...but that's besides the point.  That is pretty much how bunnies feel when they do a binky. Pure joy!  If your bunny is doing binkies, give yourself 5 stars for your bunny parenting skills. You may be wondering what a binky looks like? Well, it's like a funny side hop that involves our entire bodies, where we kick one of our legs high in the air.
The Bunny Flop 
Have you ever had an exceptionally long, tiring day at work only to get stuck driving through a snowstorm on your way home? The first thing you probably do once you finally make it back is get into your pjs, grab a nice warm mug of hot cocoa and plop yourself onto your couch - preferably with your bunny snuggled up right next to you. Ahhh...you are finally relaxed and the world makes sense.  This is how I describe the bunny flop.  When we flop, we kind of collapse onto one side.  When we do this, we are communicating to you how intensely content we are.
The Bunny Thump
Yes, we thump.  We stomp our very strong hind legs loudly to get your attention.  Personally, I only do this for two reasons: 
1. I'm sensing danger and need to warn my humans. 
2. I'm super annoyed that no one is paying attention to me...usually in the middle of the night. (Why do you people sleep anyway? Night time is the greatest time to play!)
The Bunny Teeth Grind
If you've ever had sore muscles and taken yourself to get a massage, then you probably already understand why we grind our teeth when you pet us.  It feels nice to be massaged.  We feel appreciated, loved and spoiled when we do this.  Please don't stop doing it until we hop away from you.
The Bunny Groom
We groom ourselves multiple times a day because we value cleanliness above all things.  Why you don't shower multiple times a day is a mystery to us, but hey,  it's your choice to be a dirty slob...we still love you. I, for one, know my parents need some SERIOUS help in the grooming department, so whenever they pet/snuggle me, I return the favor by grooming them.  They always thank me for giving them kisses, but in reality I'm trying to get a job done.  I also tend to groom my dog brother sometimes to show him I care about the smelly ball of fur that he is.
That's it! I'm done writing for today because my paws are getting sore and my nails are tired of clicking on the keyboard...Uh Oh...that probably means I need to get my nails trimmed.  That'll be my next blog post topic! A true horror story. 
For now, I'm attaching a helpful video I found that goes along with what I wrote about today!